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An Idiot’s Guide to Crashing

An Idiot’s Guide to Crashing was created as part of my Senior Thesis project, revolving around the idea of fear and growth, based on my own perfectionist tendencies that often hold me back from pursuing things that I want to do as well as my fear of failure. The project is divided into three sections, all of which has a focus on time, as well as different types of relationships:

  1. A relationship with the self (The Past)
  2. A relationship with others (The Present)
  3. A relationship with one’s aspirations (The Future)

The narrative of the project revolves around characters I created, loosely based off of people I know, with the main protagonists being a pair of siblings. Each illustration is paired with a piece of writing, the title of each individual piece referencing already existing work of various mediums and acting as part of an album track list.