Portrait for Slate Magazine

During the collaboration process with Slate Magazine, I was asked to choose five people from a list of potential candidates that will be featured, and to illustrate portraits for each individual using the designated color palette that has been chosen as part of the article’s theme. Displayed above are the unused portraits of Clint Eastwood, Quincy Jones, Yoko Ono, and Rita Moreno prior to the finalization of Dolores Huerta’s portrait as the article’s chosen featured illustration.

In addition to creating five portraits of prominent figures over 80 years old, using the same color palette, I was also asked to create three potential logo designs for the article. All unused logo designs are as displayed below.

To see the full portrait of Dolores Huerta in detail and read more about Slate Magazine’s article, click here.

Room 22C


Voice Over: Aquina Dicha

Animation: Aquina Dicha

Script: Aquina Dicha

Storyboard: Aquina Dicha

Sound Design: Aquina Dicha

Music: Aquina Dicha, William Gunning

Software Testing: Practice Animation and Storyboard